Student Testimonials

“Besides getting ahead in classes, I got to meet so many people of diverse backgrounds who are now my close friends. SummerStart was a very personalized experience because it felt like I had the campus to myself and had been given special opportunities such as receiving a tour of my school from the dean!” Catherine Li ’26

Diana Garcia sitting on outside bench“SummerStart is a time for you to enjoy how beautiful campus is and familiarize yourself with available resources and facilities. This is helpful, especially if you’re a first-generation student going away for college. Take short breaks and take walks with friends to get a sense of where your safe spaces will be, where you’d like to go for fun or where you’d see yourself studying.” — Diana Garcia Varo ’26

“A must experience if you want to get a head start on the college experience. The benefits stretch from friend groups, staff networking, belonging on campus, and so much more. I’m grateful to have been part of such a supportive and diverse program that introduced me to so much of what Syracuse has to offer.” — Jose Venegas ’25

“I enjoyed SummerStart a lot! I loved being a part of something so educational and motivating! I had the opportunity to be a student speaker for SummerStart 2021 and it meant the world to me that the SummerStart staff saw something in me!” — Milan Imari ’25

“SummerStart is an amazing opportunity to become better acquainted with the University and offers a longer grace period for adjusting to young adulthood. I’ve met some of my closest friends during this program and it was a great way to understand college life better as a whole.” — Dianna Whaley ’25

“It was an amazing experience in general, and if I could do it again I would!” — Adriana Carruitero ’25

“In SummerStart I got the chance to meet amazing people and get a feel for the college experience before the fall semester began. SummerStart created a community that is encouraging and supportive that continues into fall and spring terms!” — Nyreé Walrond ’25

“SummerStart was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It allowed me to start taking real courses that are needed for my major and get a head start on learning how everything on campus works. SummerStart also helps you find resources and are connected with faculty who continue to support you during your undergraduate years when the six-week program is over. It is an amazing experience that allows you to make new friends and sets you up for success!” — Natalia Amado ’25

Grant Chenug, outdoors wearing backpack“SummerStart is a place that I hold dear to my heart. You’d be surprised by how living in a dorm with 12 other people only minutes away from your door can help with building relationships. On my first day moving into my dorm the girl next door to me had never used a laundry machine before and decided to ask me for help. That was the first-ever friend I made in college. Six years later, as an iSchool graduate student, we’re still good friends. Thanks, SummerStart!” — Grant Cheung ’21