The road to graduation is not always four years long. If you’re following a different timeline, CompleteSU is here to help you achieve your goals.

For additional information, email CompleteSU or call 315.443.2045.

Who We Are

The Office of Retention and Student Success Team is committed to understanding and addressing your distinct needs and challenges. We partner with academic advisors from all Syracuse University schools and colleges  and integrate with programs like Over the Line, and the Student Support Initiative to provide you with a streamlined and efficient network of support. We prioritize your success and offer a personalized, data-informed plan that empowers you not only to stay enrolled, but also to thrive until graduation.

What We Do

Some examples of CompleteSU services include:

  • Senior support: if you’re on the cusp of graduating but facing some obstacles, we’ll work with you to identify and overcome challenges and get you to graduation.
  • Students on leave: if you have taken a leave of absence, we’ll help you make a plan and navigate a smooth transition back to campus.
  • Learning from success: we connect with high-achieving students to gain insights into their accomplishments that can help inform your approach to completing your degree.