15 to Finish

Nationwide, many college students are not taking the minimum number of credits that will put them on a path to graduating on time. At Syracuse University, we’re encouraging students who are able to take at least 15 credits each semester, to do so — saving time and money. Finish in four and start pursuing your dreams!

Why 15 Credits a Semester?

Many students believe taking a lighter course load makes for an easier path to academic success. It’s true that 12 credit hours per semester is the minimum to maintain full-time student status, but having even one semester of only 12 credits could delay your ability to graduate in four years. Registering for at least 15 credit hours keeps you on track for graduation and beyond.

The longer it takes to get your degree, the more expensive that degree becomes! At least 15 credits per semester significantly increases your chances of graduating in four years. Taking longer than four years could also impact your financial aid.

Distributing your credits equally across all semesters means you’re less likely to carry an overwhelming course load your junior and senior years.

Taking at least 15 credits in your early semesters gives you more flexibility to take electives, study abroad, absorb unexpected disruptions or add a minor. It also affords you time to pursue internships and career opportunities.

Managing 15 or more credits per semester will help you hone your time management skills and remain focused, which will help you thrive in your professional endeavors.