Why Orange Success?

Orange Success is all about student success! It is a web-based advising tool that improves the way we work to support student success across all schools and colleges at Syracuse University. Orange Success is an information hub, collecting and storing student success information in a single location. Students, faculty and staff can manually raise flags, in addition to an automated process for system triggered flags (alerts). Faculty can support and nurture students through the use of kudos (compliments) for performance improvements and to recognize outstanding contributions. Because success is a moving target and students need different kinds of encouragement at different times, Orange Success will engage students by keeping them informed and prompting them to act when necessary.

How Does it Work?

You can access Orange Success from MySlice and Blackboard.  There are three primary users—students, faculty and TA’s, and academic advisors, each having a specific role in Orange Success with custom permissions. For example, faculty and/or TAs can raise early alert flags for attendance concerns, low participation, missing assignments, low quiz/test scores, etc., and academic advisors will follow up with the student, address or resolve the issue, and finally, close the loop with the faculty who raised the early alert flag. Faculty can also send kudos (compliments) to students to recognize achievement.  Students can ask for help from faculty in a particular course or from an advisor for non-course specific needs.  The faculty or academic advisor will be informed with an email and will reach out to the student to provide coordinated support and point them to appropriate resources on campus.  It is teamwork in every sense of the word.


The key to student success is faculty—your observations, perspectives, and feedback are a vital part of the student’s journey from start to finish.  The Orange Success platform allows you to easily provide feedback to students with just a few clicks. Your concerns are also viewed by academic advisors who will assist in addressing and/or resolving the issue and close the loop with you. You make an instant impact on that individual student’s success.  You can also send kudos (compliments) to students are who doing well and/or showing improvement and have the ability to communicate with your students individually or in groups.  In Orange Success, you will also find a plethora of information on services available to help students reach their goals.  Also, the Progress Survey is an easy way for faculty to provide input on student progress for an entire class at one time.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are the front line of student support—you support and challenge students every day to realize their fullest potential.  The Orange Success platform can, at a glimpse, show which students are in need of what kind of help. This advising tool allows you to have a one-click access to a holistic view of a student—past advising activity, flags, courses, grades, demographic data, notes and referrals. You can refer the student to other campus services and keep track to confirm that your recommendation was followed. You can also quickly close the loop by informing faculty, and others who have reported concerns, that the issue was either addressed or resolved. You can access communications, interactions, and meetings with your student in a protected, central location and take advantage of predefined email templates to help you work more efficiently without losing the personal touch.


Syracuse University has given you a home to grow, mature, and become comfortable with yourself.  All of you are going to need support throughout your time in college and the type of support is going to be different for everyone. The Orange Success platform simplifies the way that students, faculty, and staff, connect with each other and this has a powerful impact on your ultimate success. You have the opportunity to request help from your advisor and faculty member regarding a particular course, advising question, or a general concern through the system. Your individual efforts matter…and you can exert significant influence and control over your academic and personal success. Log in and make sure your information on the system is accurate: your email address; your cell number; your preference to receive email or text messages; and upload a new photo if you wish.

Most importantly, ask for help from your advisor or faculty member by using the “Request Help” feature in the system. Your efforts matter. You definitely control your success.