Attendance Matters

Going to class matters!

  • Those who attend class do better. They’re more engaged and involved, learn more from instructors and peers, participate more and get better grades.
  • Those who don’t attend miss a lot—information, discussion, activities, support and the chance to show you’re getting it or to ask for help if you’re not.

“By being present and attentive in class, I’ve made invaluable connections with professors who continue to share opportunities with me as I grow as a student. Their guidance has helped me learn about parts of the university and potential career paths I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.” – Sydney Rose Rothstein ’26

  • You’re paying for instructor’s time, expertise, and talents. Make it worth your time and money. If you don’t take every opportunity to learn from instructors, you’re missing a lot, including the chance to show what you’re learning—or what you need help with.

Nick Perullo“I believe that going to class is important because it allows you to grasp concepts more clearly. It also helps to bring structure to your day, which is crucial at college. If I hadn’t gone to class and talked with one of my TA’s last year, my grade would’ve been much lower. In the long run, it pays to be present.”  – Noah Perullo ’26

  • The most complicated or challenging concepts are often best explained and discussed together in class. And what’s discussed in class may well show up on the exam. So go beyond the textbook!

Emily Chang“Attendance matters because many professors are likely to add extra information during lectures. Also, professors or teaching assistants may sometimes assign pop quizzes that affect my semester scores.”
– Emily Chang ’26


If you are going to be absent less than 48 hours students should discuss academic arrangements directly with their faculty.

For extended absences (more than 48 hours) students should connect with Student Outreach and Support (SOS) to inquire about an absence notification. More information can be found on the SOS absence notification page.

Students should communicate with faculty directly to discuss material covered in class, making up missed work, etc.

Early Semester Progress Report

Effective Fall 2017, faculty are required to report if a student never attends or stops attending a class in Orange Success. Learn more here.